Live Well Financial
Client Reviews

At the age of 63, Katherine was going through a divorce. Even with her background in banking, she was scared.

“I don’t have a house payment, I have enough money to live on and travel … I live well.” – Katherine

David is 17 years older than his wife Peggy. They wanted security for Peggy if anything ever happened to David.

“Live Well has given us a great gift.” – Peggy

I needed some help with financial matters and the gentleman I worked with at Live Well Financial was very helpful, very brilliant and answered all my questions. My loan officer was very businesslike and everyone was concerned about my welfare. Everything went fine and my experience helped me out immensely. It was a very relieving experience.

— Lyn of Lancaster, NY

I got Live Well Financial to help me out with some finances I had. They seemed really helpful and their rep was excellent in everything that he helped me with. He also answered all my questions and the guidance I got was 100% great. Overall, they took care of everything and went smoothly. My experience was very good.

— Ernest of Florence, MS

We refinanced our home with Live Well recently and we are very happy with the outcome. The two young men that we dealt with was very polite and knowledgeable. We lowered our payment by almost $250.00 and our interest rate by around 3 points. The loan was done in a timely manner and I would recommend this company to a friend.

— Judith of Hanford, CA

I owned two properties which are both paid off, and I just wanted to get some money out of them so I chose to have a reverse mortgage as part of my retirement plan. I had a very good experience with Live Well Financial. The loan officer who guided me through the whole thing was wonderful. I was very pleased and I could recommend them.

— Elaine of Naples, FL

My interactions with the loan officer from Live Well Financial were all positive. Everything was explained thoroughly and we were helped greatly. We’re totally happy other than it seems we had to fill about 1800 pieces of paper and sign. I know that’s part of the regulations but it seemed a little redundant. Other than that, it’s been a very positive experience.

— Dennis of Urbandale, IA

I had an original reverse loan and it went down the line and Live Well ended up with it. I chose a reverse mortgage because I was flat broke and it was one way of getting money and I’m too old to work. Tom is my Live Well financial loan officer and my interaction with him was very good. It was very satisfying every time we talked and he gave me full explanations on things. I also went to see a woman in Boulder and I got a survey from her I had to fill out and send back. I talked with another woman in Live Well and I kept all these things documented. The whole experience was quick and I liked that.

— L. of Co, CO

We had tried a reverse mortgage once before but we weren’t quite ready then. It’s much easier to qualify now as rules have changed since. It was time my husband did something to secure the home so we got a reverse mortgage again and our Live Well Financial experience has been okay so far. The loan officer was very helpful from the beginning and helped us follow through on everything. We were very appreciative of that. They’ve given positive guidance and we could understand everything that they were explaining to us. So that was a big help.

— Naahath of Inglewood, CA

We wanted to get as much money out and let it go as we didn’t have any progenies. Tyler from Live Well Financial was good and sent me a whole bunch of stuff right away without any question unlike somebody else who said that I had to register first before they can send me stuff. Tyler would call me anytime something was up and when nothing was going on, he left me alone. The guidance Live Well gave was absolutely marvelous. Everything went quickly and well.

— Larry of Sacramento, CA