Getting Started

How To Become A Partner

Working with Live Well Financial is a simple and quick process, generally reviewing and approving partners in one week. Please note: If you have a forward loan that you wish to submit quickly, you can submit loans to Live Well Financial without being fully approved. You will simply need to be approved prior to the loan being cleared to close.


Step 1: Comergence

If you are not currently registered in Comergence, contact us and we will provide the necessary information.


Step 2: Channel Designation

If you only Broker loans (both Forward or Reverse), choose the Wholesale Channel. If you operate as a Correspondent (either Forward or Reverse), then apply through the Correspondent channel.


Step 3: Sign up

Sign up and within 3-5 business days your application will be reviewed. Once approved, you will be set up with system profiles.

Have Questions?

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