Livewell Acquires Liveyourlifewell

live your life well logo, a prominent financial platform, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of LiveYourLifeWell, a respected mental health resource in America. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment in the expansion of wellness resources to include financial well-being. This merger underscores a unique approach, blending financial advice with mental health support to offer comprehensive wellness guidance.


“We’re excited to integrate Liveyourlifewell’s offerings and ethos into Their commitment to enhancing individual wellness aligns perfectly with our mission, marking a new, exciting chapter in our journey,” said the representative of Mental Health America. The move signifies’s commitment to addressing the holistic needs of its audience, acknowledging the intricate link between financial health and mental well-being. This collaboration promises to enrich the resources available to individuals seeking to improve their life quality on multiple fronts.


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