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How Does Loan Amortization Work?

The term Amortize means to gradually reduce, or pay off, a debt over time. For fully-amortized loans like car loans, most mortgages, and other forms of installment loans, the regular payments that you make each month will eventually lead to a paid off loan. An...

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6 Ways to Access Home Equity

Many Americans – especially baby boomers - hold a disproportionate amount of their wealth in real estate. On one hand, maximizing home equity in retirement is a worthy goal - we all want to be debt-free during retirement, right? On the other hand, home equity isn’t...

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What Can You Tell Me About Jumbo Loans?

With property values on the rise, this question is becoming more frequent. The question behind the question is why should one consider a “jumbo” over a “conforming” loan? The short answer is simply that some homeowners can buy more, or borrow more, with a jumbo loan....

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